So to all the people in finance, tax law, administrations; activate yourself and join those startups! They need you, and you need them!‍

February 7, 2019
Peter van de Pas

In february 2019 I went to World Startup Factory at the "Provinsiehuis" at Zuid-Holland. I was surprised. I was the only tax- and administrative consultant present! If there is one place to be present and I'm needed Startup is the place to be!

I introduced me and my company today and I had a filled agenda. I missed my collegues financials, fiscals and administrations. These times with dramatic changes I expected a focus on new developments. Startups are that place to find new businesses and new ways to go to do business. That said, it is not that they don't have to follow certain rules that are already existing. Like tax regulations are obligated for any one. Like BTW/VAT regulations are for all companies in the Netherlands, but also in Europe. And I think there is a lot to win for startups by using a good administrator.

So to all the people in finance, tax law, administrations and all those so called obligated business parts; activate yourself and join those startups! They need you, and you need them!

A second thing I noticed is that some of the new businesses I saw last time can help my own business. So I help a startup getting started and I get a new service for my clients. So there is a win-win situation created. My collegues and clients somethimes complain that they can't create new business or can't adept to the new economy or the fast changing world and society. I don't agree with them. Of course the world is changing. I really like that. But at the same time many elements stay the same.

A third element is that a greater number of student/graduates don't start working for a corporate or existing business companies. No, a new generation is starting their own business on a hole next level that is not seen before. They focus on quality of live, quality of business, quality of product, quality environment and of many parts they take in consideration. I really liked to see so.

I found for my self I can help the youth and at the same time grow old with knowledge about the basics in our society. I wanted to change the world drastically and I still want to! I see possibilities to help a new generation to make the change and keep the older generations happy. I'm an intermediair as tax- and administrative consultant between the tax office and my clients; and at the same time I'm the intermediair between the old-boys-network-society and the new generation of entrepreneurs.

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